Payment, carriage and delivery | Hermes Birkin shop

Bank transfer

We will let you know about the bank account details by the confirmation email.

1) Any bank service fee paid by customers.
2) Please pay within the three business days when you receive the order confirmation email.
3) The order will be invalid if the customer does not make the payment before the deadline.
4) Please pay under the name of the customer.
5) We might cancel the order if the name of the customer is not identical with the name of the payment.
6) Due to the inventory conditions or other reasons, we might not deliver in the next day or in two days.

Cash on delivery

Assinging Japan Post Holdings.
Please confirm the delivery time when you purchase the product.
Pay when the product is arrived.

Shopping Credit

You can purchase Hermes Birkin with your own monthly payment plan.
[Shopping credit company] ORIENT CORPORATION

* After ordering there will be message exchange by paper.
And if you go to each store you can make a contract.
* For using the shopping credit you need applicate and there will be an investigation.
(for the reason, meet a visitor's demand -- since it may not be, please understand that.)

* You can choose different payment options, such as 3-60 installments,
and bonus pay. In addition, you can choose the same amount of payment
at multiple times or using down payment with bonus in the same times. (ボーナス支払い分のお支払額は、
* For more information about payments or payment fee, please call 0120-51-8686 by or mail
The details about a shopping credit are here.


Standard: ¥ 1,000 (including tax)
Japan Post Holdings

【Report time】
You can schedule the delivery time. (Specification of the area may be possible in part.)